John A. Mattera - CEO Founder   


John has owned over 25 businesses over the years, at this time John owns all or part of five companies that he has founded

since 1974 after he returned from Vietnam. John has created every single business using transparency and integrity as his    infrastructure. In 2007 John  created NPL Consulting Services Inc. dba The Route Store, John built all of his businesses over  

5 decades of building a reputation of doing the right thing. John says always tell the truth, over and over for 50 years its for no other reason than its easier to remember the truth than it is to remember a lie. 

   We       Create 


                                                       Michael Eisenberg - Vice President

                                                       Michael seen with Mohammad Ali, Mike has been an expert for decades. His clients include: the Champ as seen in                                                               the un-dated photo, The estate of  Bruce Lee, Joey Reynolds and others. They all had something in common with                                                               Michael, Mike was their go to guy for their financial and business opinions. Michael is an Amazon fleet owner. He

                                                       invested knowing that the future with Amazon is bright. Michael also works with NPL Consulting Services Inc.                                                                 dba, The Route Store as sales manager. Michael has worked almost 50 years in sales. Michael consults for COBEX 

​                                                                         Michael makes sure that all components associated to Terry are provided and function as designed. COBEX is an Escrow agent along with another Escrow agent called JVT Logistics Inc. Each works to assure client satisfaction of services offered and received by our collective clients. Michael works to maintain a 100% integrity at all times. His mission statement at Terry is to make sure that all parties deliver as they agreed. To learn more call Michael at 1 (800) 956 7260

Matthew R. Mattera - CFO 


Matthew also owns 3 other companies. After graduating college, Matt took over the day to day operations of The Route Store (TRS) an established multi million dollar volume firm that Matthew took over in 2017. The Route Store is a local family business The Route Store was founded in 2007.  Matt transformed TRS into a National 30 million dollar volume entity by using his IT and marketing skills to recruit listings and professional business brokers to gain the respect of many national brands as their solutions expert. Matthew is also an owner of Fortune Freight Inc and Matt owns Mattera Consulting Inc. A business solutions business.  





   Project       Manager

                                                       Sylvain Chouen (Frank) - President 

                                                       Frank Chouen as seem with Mayor Bloomberg
is a professional business leader, specializing in the                                                                                 transportation  and logistics industries having worked as a logistics expert having consulted with and owned                                                                         several distribution operations and routes including but not limited to Chunks of Fruti Wholesale, TeaFresco,  Frozen                                                             Valley Wine Sorbets and other related Trucking / Transportation companies and other related businesses like John Frank                                                         is also a Vietnam Veteran. Frank has been a professional business leader for over 40 years. Frank knows the logistics                                                             processes and can lead and function at a high level during changing times. Frank is a time tested transportation and          logistics solutions expert and a Co-Founder of Terry Logistics Inc.If you have any questions please feel free to call Frank at 1 (800) 956-7260, and set up        a FREE one on one Consultation with Frank or another solutions expert.



           Our Team

  Jeffrey  Steinberg

​     Over 40 Years

​  ​Terry Logistics Inc. 



 Larry M.  Bono

​Over 40 Years

 Sylvain  Chouen

​   Over 45 Years


We unlock hidden assets and turn it into cash

    Maryann  Mcculloh

        Over 22 Years